At SMASH CREATIVE we know that branding starts from the inside. We know culture is king! That foundation, or what we call the “core,” must be properly laid, supported, celebrated, and protected. We will guide you through the following 5 steps to properly build your brandwagon.


Smash Creative will help your business start with a clear purpose or “core” that is shared, celebrated, and protected amongst all team members…starting from the top down. We will help you articulate and support your purpose, values, and company culture. This is the first and most fundamental step to building your brandwagon.

THE look

Smash Creative will help your company look the part. What we learn in “core” should be represented by the way your brand looks. Picture your company walking down the street…what would he/she look like? This is the second step to sending the right message to support the purpose of your business. We will help you create or refresh your look and design a branding guide that will help keep your company on target. It will send the desired “core” message.

THE Voice

Now it’s time to Smash your voice! You know what your company represents at its core, and you look the part. Now, it’s time for your message to be crafted. It should be deliberate, loud, clear, consistent, and most of all, helpful. Imagine your emails, websites, social media posts, and promotions all speaking the same lingo. It can be a Smashing reality!

THE touch

Your brandwagon has taken on a form at this point. Now it’s time for every personal interaction with your prospects, customers, vendors, and employees to feel like your brandwagon. Be the company you say you are at the core. You’ve put in all the leg work, and now you have the opportunity to sit right in front of someone who is looking for what you have to share. You need to be proactively engaging or “touching” them all. What do you do when you meet someone to make them remember your brand? Smash can help you do just that.

THE aftertaste

Your brandwagon is not complete until the work you’ve put in so far is continually being supported and reinforced. Don’t quit now! You’re almost to the finish line. You need your prospects, customers, vendors, and employees to crave more from you. You want them to look forward to your emails or you stopping by the office. That’s when you know you’ve properly built the brandwagon. It’s time to Smash!

Picture your brand walking down the street. How does it look, sound, and act? You need to know, and we can SMASH that for you.

SMASHING your marketing means more than numbers. Do you get excited to see your ads or posts on social media? You should!

We can SMASH any website design or development project utilizing the most popular platforms. Need SEO? We can SMASH IT!


SEO (search engine optimization) doesn’t have to be complex. We will help your website show authority to the major search engines using our simple steps…and, as always, we will SMASH IT!

Looking to handle your own social media and need the best software to accomplish your goals? We can SMASH that for you with our SMASH Social Media Manager platform…helping you SMASH the competition!


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