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There are so many things we all need to get done in 24 hours. Most of the time, we barely scratch the surface of what we want to accomplish in a day. The list of tasks is ever-growing, and there is never enough time. It can be overwhelming to think about the things I don’t get to.

But, I wonder if I should add…

Be happy to my task list for the day?
Or maybe…be grateful for the journey?
Or maybe…thankful that I get to?

When I actually take the time to enjoy the moments like, “I get to” work with amazing companies every day. I get to live in the USA. I get to give my wife and kids a kiss every morning when I go to work. I get to have problems in order to make me a better version of myself tomorrow. I get to do and be so much that when I remember it…I get so much done.

When I remember, “I GET TO,” I can’t help but forget about what “I DON’T GET TO.”

Be deliberate in your pursuit to remember, “we get to.” It could be the best hope for your 24 hours.