Why Blogs are so Important for SEO

Blogs are so Important for SEO scaled

Why Blogs are so Important for SEO

There’s a common misconception out there that blogs have lost their importance. This idea is a fundamental misunderstanding of the shift that blogs have gone through in the past few years. While it may be harder to get an independent blog off the ground today as a standalone site, it adds tremendous value to a business website.

Below, we’ll visit why this is so, along with some tactics to increase the visibility of your website!

What is SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to how readily your website shows up in search engines. When people type questions into search engines related to your website, SEO helps you show up higher in rankings. Under 10% of all users click on ads on Google. 

Compare that to the number one organic position: 28.5%. Organic gets results. People trust the search engine to present them with an appropriate choice for their inquiry. SEO signals to these platforms what questions you may provide the answer to. 

As online retail soars to new highs, fortune favors the business that invests in a smashing web presence!

Benefits of Compelling Content

There are numerous benefits to investing in compelling content. Along with a myriad of other potential gains for companies are:

Increased Dwell Time

Content gives your viewers an excuse to stick around for a while. Creating compelling content encourages customers to spend more time on your website. This amount of time (dwell time) indirectly helps your rankings, but it has much more value than that. The longer your customers are on your website, the more likely they will buy your products or services.

Increased Searchability

Content allows companies to answer the questions their customers are searching for. Let’s say, for example, that you’re in the carpentry business. Customers are likely finding you when they search for terms like “carpenters in my area” already. Your ranking may be high or low, but you are probably at least recognized by search engines in some capacity.

Now, imagine the power of showing up when people search for things like, “How to add an addition to my home.” 

Upon their search, they can find a blog on your page detailing the ways your team can accomplish this task with ease. At the end of the blog, there’s a call-to-action that directs them to your inquiry page and, boom! You’ve converted an utterly unknown person for only the price of one blog.

More importantly, this content sticks around forever. A blog with a good SEO ranking can collect results for years. Unlike paid ads, which disappear when you stop paying for them, content is in for the long haul. 

Increased Credibility

Blogs allow you to show yourself as the authority on the topics of your industry. As users land on your website, the content will showcase your expertise. As people search for questions related to your service or product, it will be your name that shows up. That alone is enough for many to believe in the credibility of a business. 

In addition to the impact your content has on users, it also affects the robots. Algorithms love to see a lot of related content on your website and consider your company a top-rated one to show its users. 

How to Compete

Content is all well and good, but it doesn’t help if nobody sees it. Creating captivating content that stands out can be difficult in fields with a heavy level of competition. The main ways that people make sure users see their content are:


Keywords represent the search terms that you want to point towards your website. These can be present anywhere on your website and in your content. There is a balance that can be difficult to follow at times between good content and plenty of keywords. Riding that line presents the best results.


Backlinks serve a critical role in SEO. A website pointing to a few other legitimate websites can increase its credibility. The opposite can also be true – linking to poor sources can signal that you are not a credible location for information. 

Backlinks are also a great way to build relationships as you continue to grow. The businesses you link to will see your website listed on their sources for traffic. When they notice a substantial amount coming from you as a source, they may decide to return the favor! Reciprocation like this is even better for SEO.

Keep it Fresh

Frequent, fresh content increases your indexing. It is not possible to build a growing audience on stale content. Create a content calendar and try to stick to it. 

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