Social Media Marketing for 2021: What You Must Know to Succeed

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Social Media Marketing for 2021: What You Must Know to Succeed

In 2020, social media marketers have faced both pandemics and nationwide protests. There are only a few months left of the year, so it is time to think about improving your social media marketing strategy for 2021. By considering your social media data for 2020, you can determine what type of content will be accepted by your audience. You can also figure out what you should do to make a more significant business impact with different techniques or methods. To help you out, Smash Creative has put together some key pointers to consider when creating your social media marketing strategy for 2021 and building your own brandwagon:

Social Media Marketing Must-Knows

People follow brands to keep up to date on new products and services

A small percentage of people follow brands for inspiration or humor, but 57% of people are expecting to learn about new products and services from a brand’s social media feeds. According to our analysis, this is the main reason consumers follow brands, which means no launch is too small or large to share on social channels. Apart from product launches, also think about what kind of updates are most significant to your audience when planning for your social media content. While considering the sort of content you want to post in 2021, remember to make space for updates that your followers need.

Poor customer service will take away your followers

If you haven’t given social customer service priority, it should be your first concern in 2021.  It is proven that customers unfollow brands due to poor customer service, so marketers cannot ignore any queries they receive from followers.

While thinking about improving your marketing in 2021, take some time to assess how your customers’ questions are handled and how your support team can best assist. Look for chances to respond to basic queries directly, and use social listening tools so that no messages are left without a response. It is equally important to respond quickly, as 80% of consumers expect to get a response within 24 hours. Quick responses to solve queries faster result not only in happy customers right now, but it also contributes to customer loyalty and building your brandwagon. The research revealed that customers stay with a brand for a longer period if their expectations of services are met.

Pictures and videos are essential to attract social media followers

Your content and how you post content on social media matters…from our research, we have found that 68% of customers engage with the images, whereas 50% of the audience is attracted by the videos. Review the content you have posted on your channels from the past years, and find out which post has high engagement. After that, think about how you can turn that content into images or videos.

To attract new followers, focus on consumers that show interest in your products or services

Building an audience through social media marketing is a daunting task. You are always competing with other brands on social media and at the same time, you’re also fighting to get your audience’s attention by considering methods to get your social media posts noticed.

To get eyes on your social media content, you should know about how a consumer searches on social media for brands to follow. If you are thinking about doing marketing in 2021, start focusing on customers who show interest in your related product or service.


Nobody knows what will happen in the next year, but we can apply what we have learned in 2020 to our future strategies. With a deep understanding of consumer behavior and preferences, you can develop your social media marketing strategy to strengthen your brand’s relationships with consumers and start 2021 the right way!

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