Racing to the end

marc sendra martorell vqn2wrfxtq unsplash scaled e1600829524732

When we get in the car to drive somewhere, my son will ask, “How long until we are there?” When we go out to eat at a restaurant, 5 min after ordering he wants to know where the food is. Then when he is done eating he wants to know when we are leaving.

What’s next, is the question. How long until, is the concern. When is this part done, seems to be the focus.

Sounds a lot like me, impatient and racing to the end.

The process is the best part. Thinking, planning, strategizing, failing and succeeding are all a part of the process. The road getting to anywhere is what we remember and talk about. Enjoy where you are at today with anticipation and excitement for where you are headed.

Right now is the moment you have. Don’t let “next” rob you of right now.