Your Company Needs A SMASHING Professional Website Design

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Your Company Needs A SMASHING Professional Website Design

It’s a common misconception that anyone can create a website.  While a few online tutorials can help you do it, that doesn’t mean you’re doing it right.  Professional website design is necessary for creating a site that effectively showcases your brand.  Unless you want to be lost in the shuffle (and if you do, you’re in the wrong place) you’ll need some outside help to reach your target audience, appear professional yourself, and take full advantage of your digital presence.

A Proper Introduction

First and foremost, you need to be conscientious of the first impression you make.  A more professional-looking website is going to leave a better impression on your visitors.  Even if they don’t become customers or clients on the first visit, they’re more likely to remember you and come back later if they need the types of goods or services you offer.

You’re sure to stand out from the crowd, which keeps you one step ahead of your competitors.  Not utilizing the skills of a professional website design specialist may cause you to overcompensate to look as unique as possible.  Adding all those bells and whistles becomes overwhelming and bogs everything down, which is a huge turn-off to site visitors.  Your bounce rate will skyrocket if establishing your brand comes second to having a ‘Wow!’ factor.

SEO Strategies

If you want to generate conversions through your website then you need to make sure you’re putting your keywords to good use.  A professional designer knows how to optimize your site for the purposes of an effective SEO strategy.  Not only are you enlisting in the aid of someone who understands how traffic and search visibility work, that person is also very familiar with your brand and what you hope to accomplish.  They will know how to curate the best strategy for you based on your business goals and business model.  

Professional website design

More Bang For Your Buck

Free or low-cost website builders such as Squarespace and Wix are seemingly cost-effective, but they aren’t guaranteed to stay that way.  After all, your site technically doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to them.  If they decide to increase their rates and your budget isn’t able to cover these new expenses you risk losing your website.  The same is true if anything should happen to the company, such as being bought by a larger one or going out of business.  If the latter should happen then your data goes with them.

Attractive as those low fees may be you’re going to get exactly what you pay for.  There are limited options for formatting your website, and some of the ‘fancier’ options can have a price tag attached to them even if it didn’t cost you anything to create your account. 

If you pay someone with an impressive portfolio and an established history you know the level of quality you can expect.  The more successful website designers aren’t just tech-savvy, they have to be very creative too.  Their job requires them to stay in the know of the latest trends and the current consumer consensus on what constitutes a good site.  You also have access to your own personal tech support, namely tech support that knows you, your business, and your goals very well.  Site builders on the other hand only have a customer service center, and those representatives are going to treat you that way- just another customer.

Give And Take

Not only does your website introduce prospects to you and your brand, but it also introduces them to how you treat your customers and clients.  Unlike a physical location, a website is always open and available, but if customers don’t feel that you made an effort to cater to them (think ‘Contact Us’ pages, FAQs, or online scheduling options) then they’re less inclined to make an effort for you. 

No one is going to peruse your website if it takes forever to load though.  There’s a direct connection between load time and bounce rate and professional website design ensures a faster load time.  You’ll also never have to worry that people won’t be able to stick around because of compatibility issues with their browser or because there isn’t a mobile version.  Things simply function better overall.

Smash Creative, Finds A Way

Don’t be like the scientists in Jurassic Park.  Just because you could make your own site doesn’t mean you should make it.  Not if you want a SMASHING final product!