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I know what you’re thinking, “How did Ryan know at this precise moment I was wondering what a brandwagon was?”

I just knew…

So what is a brandwagon?

It’s pretty simple. It is a brand that you actually enjoy interacting with. You look forward to calling or emailing them. You don’t mind when they swing by the office…or when they post a great blog like this one. It’s what we want when we purchase or put our trust in a brand/company, right? Why then should we hold ourselves to any lesser of a standard? You have to be a brandwagon or fuhgeddaboudit!

There are steps to creating one. Actually, there are five steps, but we can get into that another day.

When you boil it down though, you have to want to build it. You have to continually be thinking of new ways of genuinely connecting with the people that have trusted you and jumped on your brandwagon.

Stop selling and start building a brandwagon. Not only will you attract the people you want to sell to, but you’ll have a SMASHING time doing it!

Now get out and smash it!