What Does A Website Design Company Do

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What does a website design company do?

Internet users of the late 90s to early 2000s were easily misled.  It wasn’t just because we had yet to centralize the means for fact checking, nor was it the way our impressionable selves were bombarded with spam emails from self-proclaimed foreign royalty asking for money.  Places like Angelfire, Geocities, and even MySpace convinced each and every one of us that we were capable of making and running our own websites.  A pinch of HTML here, a spritz of glittery graphics there, and a cursor shaped like a rocket ship was all it took to impress most of us.  Blogging and social media began to dominate the internet, giving all of us new opportunities to ‘flex’ and ‘hone’ our meager skills.  

And now here we are in 2021.  We’re certainly older, though not necessarily wiser.  If we were then we wouldn’t need to be told that, no matter how fancy our now dusty, abandoned MySpace pages once looked, it’s best to leave web design to the professionals.      

Designed With You in Mind

To put it simply, a website design company makes a site look more professional.  First impressions are everything, especially online, and if companies don’t offer a decent digital experience to their visitors it can hurt the website traffic.  And anything that hurts traffic will ultimately hurt sales, sign ups, trades, or whatever it is that company happens to thrive on.

Hiring a professional website design company gives you access to all of the knowledge necessary to prevent that from happening.  Not only do they have a grasp on proper web development and web design, they can create a strategy that helps your business in the long run.  Your website will be built with your future goals and unique business model in mind.  

These Aren’t Your Grandma’s Graphics

There’s no denying that effective website design requires a creative streak.  While we all want to channel our inner teenage MySpace user, those graphics need to stay in the 2000s where they belong.  Color schemes, layouts, font, and custom graphics are nothing like social media or school projects from the days of yore.

A professional website design company on the other hand knows how to effectively use those elements, and more, to craft the perfect site for your business.  The color scheme alone can have a powerful impact on user engagement, as colors are known to evoke specific emotions and physical reactions.  The layout must be easy to navigate, everything being in a spot that’s either intuitive or easy to find (who in their right mind would hide a login field in the very bottom right corner of the screen?).  A font that looks elegant on a 1700s legal document can be a monstrous eyesore on a computer screen, to say nothing of potential accessibility issues.

Remember that what people see is more than colors and images on a screen, it represents your brand.  Do you want your brand to tell people that you haven’t outgrown your ‘use all of the fun Microsoft slideshow effects’ phase from elementary school?

Web Design Company

What’s Buzzin’ Cousin?

Buzzwords, keywords, whatever you call them there’s no denying their importance in the digital marketing realm.  The more well-versed one is in SEO, or search engine optimization, the more organic traffic they can generate.  Even the prettiest site can get buried in search engine results, far below the aesthetically inferior ones if it’s not designed properly.  

A capable and efficient website design company has the ability to increase your odds of appearing at the top of the SERP (search engine results page).  SEO is more than just having the right words in the right places for marketing purposes.  It goes into the very coding of your site with the intention of aiding your marketing strategies.  It’s both the pretty face that attracts attention and the skeletal structure underneath, giving it definition and presence.

Act Locally, Think Globally

That’s a slogan you’ll often hear in socially conscious circles who advocate for ethical consumption and eco-friendly lifestyle choices.  Fortunately for you, a local web design company has nothing to do with either of those things, so there’s no need to fret if your coffee isn’t fair trade and single source.  But it serves a similar purpose (sans coffee, mind you).

Local website development refers to the location of a site.  One that’s fully up-and-running is hosted on a server, while one that’s local is only available on the device it’s being stored on.  Without local web development and design all ‘trial and error’ would be conducted online.  Hundreds of thousands of people can visit your site when it’s not ready for use, or have it inflicted upon them if it’s still in rough shape and buggy.  Rather than sacrifice your brand’s image and integrity by working in real time, a local web design company will do all of the necessary testing in an isolated space away from prying, judging eyes.

And once it’s complete, it’s time to make your debut.

SMASH the Competition

At Smash Creative we hold firmly to the belief that our success is your success.  By working with us you choose a website design company that invests in you and your vision.  We highly value our relationship with every one of our clients, as made evident by our history of SMASHING success.  

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