A Complete Responsive Website Design Checklist

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If you are reading this article from your mobile, then it’s just possible because Google rolled out the feature of mobile-first indexing in July 2019. Is your site responsive? We will go through the comprehensive checklist of responsive website design to ensure that all users get the best website experience – no matter what tool you are using.

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Before diving into the latest design trends of the responsive website, you should know about what exactly is responsive design?

What is a responsive website?

Responsive websites are also called mobile-friendly design, guaranteeing that visitors get a great experience when coming to your site, regardless of what device they use. That implies whether they utilize a smartphone, a personal computer, or a tablet, your website will act and look a similar way.

Test your current website:

If you don’t know whether your website is responsive, you’ll need to test it to discover. You can utilize an assortment of test tools of responsive design including: 

  • Google’s Mobile-Friendly Tool
  • CrossBrowserTesting
  • Google Resizer
  • Am I Responsive

If your site won’t be responsive, it will not look equivalent to your desktop version on smaller devices. Numerous test tools to check responsive web design, permit you to see what your website will look like to users on various devices.


Figure out which elements of the website aren’t responsive and fix them:

After utilizing the above-mentioned tools for testing the website design, you will get to know which elements of the website are responsive and which are not. After paying attention to responsive and non-responsive components, you can start work on how to fix them.

A few things on the website to check for responsiveness include: 

  • Fonts
  • Buttons
  • Navigation bar
  • Images
  • Forms

These are probably the most significant elements of website design that are very important to better user experience.


Test the Speed of Website Design On Different Devices:

Page speed is an important segment of providing a great user experience for website visitors. That’s why your site ought to load rapidly on all gadgets otherwise users will exit from your site that will increase the bounce rate. 83% of visitors expect a site to load in 3 seconds or less, whether they are using a small device or large,  so you should ensure that your website loads quickly. If your website is loading slowly, then there may be the following reasons:

  • Images are not condensed
  • Elements of the site are not responsive
  • Cluttered code
  • Presence of  many heavy elements like video

To know more about why your site is slowing down, you can utilize Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. 

Test your Navigation & Make Pop-Ups Responsive:

Most of the mobile-responsive web designs have navigation to be a hamburger menu. This prevents users from zooming in on your navigation bar to view options. You will need to make sure your navigation menu works appropriately on all gadgets and nothing is cut off when website visitors open it. Your navigation menu is a critical aspect of your website since it gives a guide to visitors to discover precisely what they need.

Popups are commonly triggered by a particular activity. Different activities that may trigger pop-ups include:

  • Create at the bottom of the page.
  • Clicking on a specific link.
  • Stay on the landing page for a specific measure of time. 

These pop-ups could give a special offer or urge visitors to sign up for a newsletter. It’s similarly as critical to keeping popup responsiveness since they give huge benefits for your business.

Wrapping Up:

Making your website completely responsive to visitors is a critical aspect of your online presence and the online success of your company. With the increasing mobile users every day, you should not create a website that does not respond to every device.

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