5 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools For Businesses In 2020

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Are you searching for a more efficient approach to publishing new updates or trends in social media? Then you might require an ideal social media scheduling tool. There are numerous tools for social media available nowadays that do things a little differently, so we have researched and narrowed down the list of the best tools for you.

In this guide, you will learn about the top social media scheduling tools that will assist you with sparing time and publish balanced content over the social media channels to draw your audience’s attention at the right time.

1. SMASH Social:

Smash Social is a social media scheduler in Michigan and one of the robust scheduling tools. This tool helps you in scheduling your social media content ahead of time. Its weekly schedule feature enables you to post consistently. A drip schedule feature permits you to recycle posts on time, and dynamic triggers allow you to post based on the twitter or google search trends and weather.

2. Buffer: 

A Buffer is a software for both web and mobile users. This application allows you to schedule content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn from its dashboard. First of all, you can make a preset publishing scheduling plan for every social media platform, so that content is always published at the ideal time. You can also customize the content with emojis, tones, and hashtags for each platform. The Scheduled content will be added to your calendar to see what you have scheduled at which time on each social network.

3. TweetDeck: 

TweetDeck is a social media application that manages only Twitter accounts. You can manage multiple twitter accounts by using this tool. TweetDeck permits you to tweet messages quickly, or you can also schedule messages for later delivery. Scheduled tweets will still be published, whether you are not running TweetDeck by the time. You can likewise include images, videos, and GIFs, just like you post regular tweets. Furthermore, you can easily make changes in your tweet until it’s not published.

4. SmarterQueue: 

Smart Queue is a tool that utilizes categories to oversee a wide variety of content; Such as blog posts, quotes, questions, promotional content, etc. Every category has its queue with different posting plans. Overall, your scheduled posts give the right content to your audience. You can also reuse the time of evergreen content in separate categories. Besides, you can check the overall look of your scheduled content in the calendar. In the case of anything needs modifying, you can relocate a post to a modified date and time. Its built-in feature ‘Analytics and Reports’ provide insights such as how your published content performs on every social media channel. You can also check which hashtags are getting the most engagement.

5. SocialBee: 

The SocialBee tool allows you to post category-based evergreen content. You can reuse your top-performing evergreen posts to save your time of scheduling the similar posts again and again. You just need to choose which categories you need to be evergreen, and the SocialBee tool handles the rest.


It is challenging to pick the correct social media scheduling tool. Since there are a lot of good choices available in the market, take as much time as is needed, work through our comprehensive guide, and above all, take some tools for a test to check whether you feel good with them.