5 Aspects of Effective Website Design in 2021

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2020 has proven to be a turning point in the retail industry due to pandemic lockdowns and health protocols. IBM’s U.S. Retail Index indicates brick-and-mortar retail stores will experience a 60% decline by the end of the year. On the other hand, e-commerce is expected to grow by almost 20%. This means consumers will rely more on online businesses to purchase the things that they need and want. Businesses who are new to e-commerce will need to rely upon effective website designs to gain an online presence and draw consumers to buy their products. Web designers are tasked with creating effective websites that are user-friendly, relevant, and eye-catching.

Here is a checklist of effective website design for your online store this 2021:

  • Enhanced user experience – User experience is more than acquiring the product or service. It is the whole process or stages the consumer goes through from clicking through to the after purchase care or CS. Designers must integrate all steps for a seamless experience. The site must also meet the specific needs of target users with regards to inquiries, selecting products/services, purchases, and after purchase.
  • Simplicity is key to efficient web design – The foremost function of a website is to provide information. Information is what users use to make critical decisions – purchasing, subscribing, and staying informed. There should be no need for complex maneuvers in the site to get from one step to another. Keep everything simple and to the point. This adds to a better user experience.
  • Effective writing – The writing style must be suitable for the preferences of the target users, subscribers, and customers. Skip long text content without images or keywords in bold or italics. Use simple words that all users can understand easily. Keep it businesslike. Information is hard to understand if mixed with sale pitches.
  • Keep the website well organized – Website design is like building a space with well-organized rooms where consumers/users can see the products/services easily without clutter or distractions. Think simplicity, distinctive, and enhanced. Simplify writing and organization. Each page and every part of a page should be easily distinguishable, with no second-guessing. Emphasize or enhance the information that matters the most.
  • Mobile-first aspect – Mobile responsive websites gained significant rankings with search engines as more people accessed the net with their smartphones. In 2021, it is believed that this will increase further, as more consumers rely more on their phone to search and be informed about businesses, access products, and services as well as deliveries. Make sure the design of your website fits the tiny screen first with images that look good on a phone. All of the aspects discussed earlier are useful to ensure users get the best experience on their smartphones.