4 Critical Elements in Website Development and Design

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4 Critical Elements in Website Development and Design

We are now witnessing a shift in the buying behavior of consumers. Even before the pandemic brought the retail industry to a grinding halt, reports already observed an increase in online-based purchases, either through industry giants such as Amazon or eBay, or through stand-alone shops as the ones we often see on Instagram or Facebook.

Now that we are likely to spend more time at home, what else is there to do than spend more time browsing through the internet, right? That is good news if your business already has an online presence. Your goal is to take this opportunity to increase your business’s exposure and gain your market share.

To be successful, you absolutely have to make sure that you have an appealing website; however, appealing is such a general term. All elements of your website could be tweaked to make it more “appealing.” Today, we’re going to provide you with 4 of these website development and website design elements that you should consider improving.

Website Development and Website Design Element #1:

Website Domain and Host

First on the list is your website’s domain name and host. Your goal is to make sure that your website’s name can easily be recalled and is almost always at the tip of everyone’s tongue. When we talk about this, think of Google, Yahoo, or Apple. These names are not just famous, but people from all walks of life know what Google is even though they’re not particularly techy.  

Website Development and Website Design Element #2:

Website Content Management System

Second, take a look at your Content Management System. Think of this as a robust and reliable engine for a ravishing sports car. No matter how sexy a sports car appears (which is your website design), if the engine (the backend, your CMS) it comes with is trash, well, that’s not a good thing for that sports car. 

Website Development and Website Design Element #3:

Website Layout, Color Scheme, and Design

Now that you have sorted out the foundations, you can focus on your layout, color scheme, and design. It’s essential to strike a balance between what you want and what an expert thinks might be the best for your business. After all, there’s an entire realm of the psychology behind which designs, color, and layouts can help improve your traffic and page visits. 

Website Development and Website Design Element #4:

Website SEO

After dealing with the design, you can focus on your website’s speed, browser compatibility and making your website SEO-friendly. No one has the patience to wait for things to load, so make sure your website loads as fast as lightning. You have to assume that your customers access your website from various devices, so make sure they are phone-friendly, tablet-friendly, and friendly to a variety of browsers. Finally, having an SEO-friendly code makes sure that your website appears in the search results.

Website Development and Website Design – Conclusion

The critical elements we’ve discussed here are important to achieve success in your quest for the best website.  However, we here at SMASH Creative know you have other priorities in making sure your business is successful.  If you want to leave the nitty gritty website design and website development details to the experts, we are here to help.

Like we said, we are the experts, but maybe you’re more visual—Check out a few of the websites we’ve SMASHED: California Home Fitness, Quadrate Companies, and Randazzo Fresh Market.