2021 Graphic Design Trends That You Must Know About

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In the second quarter of 2020, we still have sufficient time to recognize some significant trends that are certainly occurring in 2021 for graphic design. To help you out, Smash Creative – A brand wagon agency has put together here a list so that you can get some inspiration for your designs. So let’s explore some of the biggest graphic design trends below:

1. Graphic Design – Muted color palettes:  

Mute color palettes truly acquired the visual design world last year and showed no signs of stopping soon. By using muted color palettes, graphics of Social media, landing pages look real and comfortable. That is the reason numerous wellness and health brands have been utilizing muted shading designs this year.

2. Graphic Design – Simple data design: 

The objective of any data graphic design makes complex information easy to understand. Furthermore, this can make communication efficient. With the help of simple data visualization, you shouldn’t need to explain anything about what you are attempting to show. A huge amount of complex information is used in every part of our lives.  As a communicator or a designer, you should make that data less scary and easier to understand.

3. Graphic Design – Geometric Shapes: 

Numerous brands have started using geometric mathematical shapes in their designs. Geometric shapes add stability, order, and structure in a scene. To make a huge amount of different photos, you can use a single image frame or just utilize a single background shape to create a ton of random icons. You can use geometric shapes with a combination of a muted color palette. So let’s start adding some texture and depth to your graphics.

4. Graphic Design – Icons & Illustration: 

If you are creating a huge amount of visual content, then icons are ideal since they can be adjusted for a variety of illustrations like online social media visuals, presentations, or infographics. If you use icons & illustrations in your visuals, you could even understand what the graphic designer was trying to say, so you do not need to use any text. Icons can be a useful asset for graphic design. By using a few icons, you can state a straightforward visual story that will give much more context to your infographic, video, social media post, and blog post.

5. Graphic Design – Serif Fonts: 

Serif font style most established textual style styles or typefaces that are as yet being used. Serif text styles are normally seen as classic, or elegant. Mailchimp utilizes a wide range of serif text styles throughout their visual design and it’s generally incredible on their landing pages. Ellevest is another example where serif fonts have been used on their website. With a serif textual style penetrating their brand image, blog post and social media seem trustworthy. Health departments, schools, and other comparative associations will utilize these serif text styles. A few brands are utilizing serif textual styles with the combination of muted or neutral color palettes to truly effectively express the idea.

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